“Alone together? Not with us!”

Of course, this statement can be applied to all kinds of toys. After all, humans have always enjoyed adding a toy to the mix once in a while to give their rendezvous a special thrill. Vibrators, dildos, or plugs – these are all popular accessories when it comes to letting more than just your “personal equipment” into the bedroom. 

The goal behind creating the BeauMents brand was to offer couples who like toys a new dimension. A dimension in which the pleasure of toys isn’t split up into an active and a passive part, as is usually the case. A dimension in which pleasure is increased together, with each other, and in each other. 

With BeauMents DOPPIO and BeauMents JOYRIDE, we have developed innovative couples’ toys that double the fun: for her and for him, at the same time. With outstanding quality, an appealing design, and easy usability – not to mention the usual attractive price-performance ratio that distinguishes ST RUBBER.

It’s quite the thrill, as it should be. The fact that DOPPIO and JOYRIDE have been met with great approval speaks for itself. 

In any case, we’re glad so many couples have remained curious – this makes the prospect of developing further BeauMents products extremely appealing. What will the future hold in store for BeauMents? You’ll just have to wait and see.